San Diego 5k

San Diego is the perfect place to run a 5k race due to its great weather conditions / climate and flat courses.  5k races take place all year round in San Diego and each year the list of races to run continues to grow.  Even though races are offered year-round, the most popular seasons to run a 5k race are during the fall and spring.

A 5k race is equal to 3.1 Miles, which is the perfect distance for first-time runners.  Getting ready for a 5k run doesn't require any drastic changes to your lifestyle if you live a reasonably healthy life and are in good physical condition. Running is not just good exercise, but it should also be fun.  5k races offer a friendly atmosphere of runners that encourage each other while running the course.  You'll find many 5k participants are training for a half or full marathon and using the 5k to train in preparation for a longer-distance race.
How to Train for a 5k Race

A good and easy running routine for a 5k would be running at least 3 times a week, running every other day. Find a good warm up routine to start the session, which will help you warm-up the muscle groups. After the warm-up, begin your run at a comfortable pace. You should push yourself enough where itís not too easy, but at the same time donít push yourself to the point where you are completely out of breath. If youíre a beginner at running and want to train for a 5k then you should train by running a mile then slowly build up to 3.1 miles.

You donít have to run long distances everyday when training for a 5k, but a good target to set is to increase the distance by a half mile a week. Increase the running distance more if you are comfortable, but donít be afraid to reduce if you find that a half mile a week is too much. The idea is to run 5k, and whether it takes you a shorter or longer time period to reach that level doesnít make much difference.   This training routine should be used for the very beginners in 5k running, so schedule your run routines based on running experience.
If you have a smartphone, there are many great apps that will track your distance runs, such as the Nike Plus app or the Sports Tracker.  These are both free apps that will keep your pace, total run time, and your distance.  These apps are great as a motivator and to push you to become a faster runner.  You can also use a regular running watch that can time your pace per mile and keep your time if you don't have a smartphone.  

Remember, 5k runs are meant to be fun and are usually used to train for a longer distance race in the future.  Most 5k races are for a special cause and raise money for a specific non-profit foundation.  In San Diego, there are many great running clubs that can help you prepare for the 5k and give the support you need to meet your running goals.
San Diego 5k